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Makari Consulting

Founded in Seattle in 2015, Makari Consulting began as an organizational development firm focused on streamlining systems and improving processes to allow businesses to focus on their mission. While doing that work, we found the need to expand our services to address, people, culture, equity and policy & practices.

Today, Makari Consulting walks alongside businesses to co-create solutions to their organizational issues.  From finding you the perfect set of coordinating systems to others that are more complex related to people, connection, and leadership development, we are there for you.

Our work centers belonging and encompasses race-forward equity methods that apply to intersectional equity as well. This means that as we operationalize around organizational development, leadership, culture, and equity, we are providing tools and practices that inject openness, safety, and courage into your organization.

Research has shown that happy employees and strong cultures create increased productivity, innovation, profitability and and longevity for businesses.

Let us walk alongside you, helping you solve issues to allow your company’s mission to be the center of your business. 

Meet our Founder

Maleah R. Jackson

Principal & Managing Consultant

Maleah founded Makari Consulting in 2015, in response    to the need she saw, and often filled, in organizations of    varying sizes requiring assistance streamlining systems      and processes. Her previous experience in governments,    nonprofits, and entrepreneurship gave her a mix of skills    that were well suited to help many types of businesses.      Thus, Makari Consulting was born.

Having worked in both public and private sectors, Maleah uses over 15 years of experience to develop efficient processes for a broad range of companies, resulting in increases in time, productivity, and profitability. This expertise, coupled with many years of community facilitation on issues of racial equity and intersectionality, has provided her the ability to design and deploy effective tools and improvements in equitable policies, practices, and culture that can be quickly adapted. Her experience helps improve organizational equity through training, strategic actions, and phased implementation. Maleah works with partners and clients to ensure the appropriate tools and methods are utilized to bring about lasting change. 

Maleah holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia and resides in Renton, WA.

Our Partners

Our partners help us solve problems for our clients!

We are a community operating in our expertise to deliver excellent outcomes with our clients.



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