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Equity Assessments, Strategic Plans, Organizational Process Improvement

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Our team is ready to help you make a larger impact. We meet you where you are and provide services to support individual, team, and organization growth, performance, collaboration, learning, culture, and more.  See more about our services below.

Equity & Belonging

Our team offers comprehensive equity & belonging services using the Multicultural Continuum on Organizational Development (MCOD) as a guide. These services include, assessment and measurement, including our signature equitable policies and practices review, facilitated learning, and strategic planning.

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Organizational Culture

Our team uses our equitable policies and practices review, in addition to qualitative and quantitative assessment to identify, understand, and enhance the values, policies, and expectations that create culture within each organization.

Leadership  & Coaching

Today's leaders have a wider breadth of responsibility than those of the past. As such, it can be difficult to focus on certain responsibilities, including managing staff. Our team and coaches help leaders become more inclusive, refocus their goals, and help remove barriers to problem solving and productivity. Coaches will provide 1 to 1 support for leaders in all areas of responsibility.

Organizational Development

Our team utilizes researched (Lean, continuous improvement, change management principles), custom tools, and experiences to identify systems, structure, and organizational process inefficiencies. We then provide recommendations and workplans to improve these within the organization. Our team will also manage implementation of these changes and measure outcomes and impact. We also provide strategic assessment and planning to help guide the organization over the next 2-3 years.

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